Monday, February 9, 2009

*What Do You Need Help with? Handouts

LESSON ONE - February 25

Each time we get together we will first turn on the computer and open your browser window. Always keep the browser window open while we work.

Resize corner
Move Window – Place mouse on Title Bar, hold left button and move.
Start Menu – go over icons briefly
Find/Search – for files/photos you’ve downloaded.

task bar allows you to bring the window back when you are ready for it. The task bar is the blue bar that runs along the bottom of your screen. The Start menu is in the far left corner and the time is in the far right corner. Each button will include the application icon, and a part of the name of the document. If you have a large number of windows open you may see only the application icon. System Tray – area to far right on Taskbar


Right click in the taskbar and click SHOW THE DESKTOP. The desktop is right behind the first window you’ve opened.



How to shut down if you freeze -- Control-Alt-Delete 2x (Windows 98)
Windows XP –
Wait a bit – Control-Alt-Delete – Task Manager—Shut Down

The icons on the Desktop are usually shortcuts

Desktop: Right-click
New folder on desktop
Delete Desktop icon

Changing the Desktop Changing the Wallpaper
Open Control Panel – click Display – click Desktop – Browse – pick a photo from wherever you save photo: My Pictures or Photos Folder on Desktop.
Changing fonts and colors

Save to Desktop:
you can download anything and save it to your desktop for later retrieval.
Tools – Options – Main – Save files/photos to Desktop (Browse) Firefox

Saving an Image
(1) Find an image somewhere on the Internet. We will need one so you can practice saving an image. Have you found one yet? Good, now let’s go to step two. (2) Right-click the image. A menu will pop up. (3) Click on SAVE IMAGE AS (4) Give a name to the image or keep name. (5) Save in DESKTOP or My Documents/My Pictures

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